The collaborative and gamifed tool suite to engage in your CSR challenges and company project

Want to raise awareness and get your stakeholders on board about your CSR roadmap or corporate strategy? Bingo. Our solution is already helping more than 200,000 employees meet the environmental, social and governance challenges of tomorrow.

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They engage their employees with Civitime

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We get your teams involved in your sustainable transformations

We are a real attention-getter

Your teams are flooded of information. We think outside the box with a fun and innovative format that they love.

We create a collective momentum

Thanks to gamification, at the heart of our solution. It is the best way to anchor messages by arousing strong emotions.

We prevent the "bellows effect"

We deploy the contents in an episodic and recurrent way that bring rich exchanges at the (e)coffee machine, in the long term.

Ready-to-use solutions with content suitable to your CSR and corporate challenges

Help to understand strategics cases, enhance your actions, federate your teams and challenge them.
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CSR Awareness Content

Discover 15 turnkey contents designed side by side with business experts, game designers and psychologists.

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Découvrez nos meilleurs contenus clés en main counçus par des experts métiers, game designer et psychologues

Et bien d’autres !
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Dive into our universe.

Choose immersive and collaborative adventures that fit your corporate culture.

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Découvrez nos meilleurs contenus clés en main counçus par des experts métiers, game designer et psychologues

Jeu flash

L'univers flash est idéal pour proposer un court jeu RSE et pour engager vos équipes grâce au nudge marketing.


Favoriser l'engagement de vos collaborateurs en leur proposant de participer à la construction de la stratégie RSE de votre entreprise. Parfait pour adopter des éco-gestes, par exemple !

Escape game interactif

Surprenez vos collaborateurs avec un escape game en entreprise. Captez leur intérêt, jouez sur leurs émotions et stimulez leur curiosité !

Et bien d’autres !
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Découvrez les coulisses.

Sélectionnez votre contenu - votre univers - vos mécaniques de jeu et suivez la performance de vos équipes.

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La gamification est un excellent levier pour engager vos collaborateurs et renforcer la cohésion d'équipe.

Notre méthode

Un processus d’engagement unique en 4 temps, recommandé par des psychologues du travail

Our method of engagement is universal and (truly) relentless

To raise awareness, to adhere, to involve, to value... Our research conducted with work psychologists allows us to identify the psychosocial factors to be activated at each stage.

Discover the Civitime users' feedbacks

CSR Manager France @SC JOHNSON
"SC Johnson has created a positive spiral to strengthen cohesion between employees and integrate its new recruits with a turnkey solution."
Claudie GUÉRIN
Claudie GUÉRIN
CSR Director @Arcade Beauty
"Civitime created a real period of excitement and sharing at Arcade Beauty: the staff really enjoyed playing every day, while tackling serious subjects. It was a very good experience, which we will repeat for the SEDD!"
« For us, the introduction of Civitime was a real success. The participation rate we had (89 %), and the enthusiasm it created among staff. Especially in this context of confinement, Civitime enabled us to recreate links between our employees in a fun way. »
Maryse AIO
Maryse AIO
CCMSA's national EHSR referent @Caisse Centrale de la Mutualité Sociale Agricole
« During a period of confinement, Civitime enabled us to create a social link and conviviality while remaining within a professional framework. The content, as designed by Civitime, encourages team members to emulate each other and to show solidarity in a framework of friendly competition while learning. »
Claire LEMOT
Claire LEMOT
CSR Manager - @Crédit Agricole des Savoie
"Bravo! A fun and collaborative solution that made us aware of current business challenges. Thank you for this fun and instructive campaign. A great idea to make us aware of the CSR issue. The game is very interesting, the repetition of the questions allows us to remember them well. Great experience, to be repeated to go further!"
Sustainability Engineer · @Butagaz
"Civitime enabled us to raise our employees' awareness of CSR challenges: we saw a lot of internal emulation and the results of participation exceeded our expectations."
Sustainability Project Leader · @Plastic Omnium
« CiviTime's pedagogical approach helped us find THE game adapted to the message to be onboard by customizing the game to our company's image. We collaborated with Civitime and the MIEUX agency to develop a first version of the game, based on our carbon neutrality objectives. »

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